Monday, November 29, 2010

end of semester.

Just finish my final paper nutrition. now i think i should proceed about my final year project. i'm so into it. microbiological studies on food. specifically on sandwich. sound boring for certain people but for me interesting topic. finding a journal about it seem to be quite challenging. well, i have to say it, it quite make me tense but it's just the beginning. welcome to the FYP world. be well prepared or you're done with it.

last night, i got an invitation letter for this JPAM ceremony at UiTM Shah Alam. well, it quite exciting. so, i'm looking forward for this ceremony. can't wait 16 december... okay forget about ceremony and FYP.

i am into the gossip girl. crazy about that tv series . basicly it's all about freindship and gossip. it's a manhattan elite lifestyle. i do love this gossip girl.. so xoxo gossip girl. haha

Saturday, November 27, 2010

body status? let's calculate it...

Nutrition again.. are you normal, underweight or obese? so let's calculate it to make sure ur body status.
first, important things that we need to measure is height and weight.
for example:
gender: women
age: 21 years old
height: 150 cm
weight: 44 kg

1) calculate the Body mass Index (BMI). this important to make sure our body status.

BMI= weight (kg)/ (height x height)( m2)
= 44/(1.5x 1.5)
=19.56 kg/m2

or we can calculated it by using another formula.
but before that,we have to convert the unit of the weight from kg to pound and height from cm to inch.
1"= 2.54 cm
150cm/ 2.54cm=59.06"

1lbs= 0.45kg

then by using this formula,

BMI=weight (lbs)/( height x height) (inch2) x 703
=97.76/(59.06 x 59.06) x 703
=19.70 lbs/inch2

it would be precise, because in human subject it is really hard to find the precise answer. but the value is not much differ than one another.

a normal BMI status should be around 18.5to 24.5 kg/m2. so 19.5 is in the range of the 18 to 25, so she is normal.

2) calculating her energy need in kilocalories (kcal).

* calculating her basal metabolic rate(BMR)
BMR= weight (kg) x24 kcal/kg/hrs
=44 x 24
=1056 kcal/day

* calculating her physical activity. energy need to make physical activity. because she has sedentary life style, we assumed her physical activity percentage around 35%. this may changes
PA= % PA x BMR
=35% x 1056
=369.6 kcal/day

* then we calculate the thermic effect of food
TEF= (BMR+PA) x 10%
= (1056+369.9) x 10
=142.59 kcal/day

* then we have to calculate the total energy estimated for one day.
=1568.49 kcal/day

if ur status is underweight, add 500 kcal. and if your status is overweight, substract 500kcal from ur total energy..

from this total energy estimated, we can developed the menu with more balance in distribution of macronutrient. this is the basic thing in planning a well balance menu.

instead using this formula, we can use other formula such as estimated energy requirement formula and also haris-benedict formula.

so, calculate ur body status right now.

other than that, u can always calculate the ideal body weight by using this formula.
devine formula:
men: ideal body weight (kg)= 50 + 2.3 kg per inch over 5 feet
women: ideal body weight (kg)= 45.5+2.3 kg per inch over 5 feet.

which mean, if you and male, and have height about 5 feet 6 inch. your ideal body weight is
ideal body weight= 50+ (6 x 2.3)
=63.8 kg

also there are survival body weight which means the minimum body weight that you can have.
for eg:
body weight X 0.48
= 45x 0.48
=21.6 kg.

so, calculate your body status and take action if it not normal. let's have a healthy lifestyle because medicine is not the only way to cure illness. let's have food therapy. control ur food intake and u'll happy and healthy.

note: if there are any mistake, i apologize first ok..... huhu.. remind me if i do mistakes. sharing is caring.. hehe

Friday, November 26, 2010

obesity and underweight.. part 2

hormonal influence also effect the desire to eat. Leptin, ( which is one of a hormone that is not include in the pepser) is made by the fats cells that suppresses appetite and signal to stop eating when the fats stored are full.

increase with larger fat mass and this means it will decrease desire to eat. decrease with the lower fat mass this means it will enhances the desire to eat. common obese people having leptin resistance which it means their brain does not register satiety and they keep eating and eating. low leptin and insulin level in the brain during weight loss stimulate eating and suppress energy expenditure. increase of the adipose tissue in the body, increase the weight due to the fat store in the body. this is crucial function of the leptin to send signal to stop eating. leptin also have crucial function which is to decrease the activity of the neuropeptide Y.

Neuropeptide Y can increase the food intake to the body and reduces the energy expenditure, and this will result in obesity. if we had the leptin deficiency, the hormone could not regulate the metabolism to stop eating, and we still eat and result in the overweight.

one of the hormonal that control the intake of the food through the body is the ghrelin. Ghrelin is the hormone that produced in the stomach. this hormone are high when hungy and low after taking meals. usually dieter who loss weight produce ghrelin more than they should and this make they eat more. this hormone already altered. this make their body hard to maintain weight due to the body tried to regain the loss fats.

endorphins is one of the hormone, which is natural body tranquilizer that can prompt you to eat. ( eat as you want). high amount of endorphins in the body, can't stop eating.

CCK, ( cholecystokinin)along the gastroinstestinal distention, decrease hunger and desire to eat. and lastly serotonin. when CHO was taken into the body, serotonin was send to the brain. the neurotransmitter release as the result the CHo was taken into the body. high level of the serotonin, decrease the desire to eat CHO and induce the calmness. stop to eat CHo and desire to eat protein.

CHO, protein and fats present, register satiety in the brain. apolipoprotein signal satiety in the brain. absence of these nutrients will signal hunger.

obesity and underweight.. part 1

i was studying nutrition right now, on topic, obesity and underweight.obesity and underweight is related to the energy balanced in the body. where:
energy input= energy output
energy input can be define as energy intake in our body such as food that contains carbohydrates (CHO), fats and protein. these nutrients are energy yielding nutrients. where the energy output can be defined as the energy that will use in the body during basal metabolism, thermic effects of food, physical activity and non exercise activity thermogenesis.

energy are stored in the body in three type which is
+fat or adipose tissue (fats)
+glucose or as glycogen in the liver(carbohydrates) if excessive it stored as fats
for protein, the excess protein in the body will be used as energy source but if there is more protein left, it will be stored as fat.

usually body refer to the CHO as energy sources. brain and heart craving for glucose as their sources of energy. Physical activity encourage the burning of the dietary fats through beta oxidation. for endurance athlete, the fatty acids and glycogen which will convert into glucose will be used as energy.

Physical activity can be activated through basal metabolism rate (BMR). more active, more energy burned. remember, lack of activity are the major cause of the obesity.

instead of the physical activity, the satiety regulator with that means the feeling of fullness. is really important. the metabolism of the satiety starts when the hypothalamus (in the brain) send signal to eat when feeding cells stimulated. and when the satitey cells are stimulated , hypothalamus send signal to stop eating. that in the normal situation.

the symphatetic nervous sytem plays role to send the signal to stop eating when the activity increase aand send the signal to start eating when the activity are decrease. which these means, when the stomach are full with food, the activity to digest the food with increase and when the food is slowly digest the activity of the stomach decrease. the stomach is empty again and we need to eat again..

nutrition and me!!

seperti biasa penghujung semester pasti tiba. Dan semester ini, sem 5, penutup semester adalah paper nutrition and health. aku tengah menelaah tapi macam tak masuk pun ada jugak. bukan ape, aku kan study last minit punya orang. mana la nak masuk kalau awal-awal macam ni. tapi bukan last minit sangat-sangat.. setakat 2 hari sebelum exam, baru aku study.. sekarang ni tengah study tapi sempat jugak bukak blog. saje. tadi baru blogwalking kat blog gadis kampung separa bandar. best jugak blog dia.

termimpi-mimpi jugak la pasal exam ni. last killer paper. hurm.. dan untuk meredakan tension, aku dengar lagu baru yang aku baru download. haha.. lagu rihanna and one nation emcees yang tengah meletup kat carta. nak exam killer paper, banyaklah jugak movie yang kawan-kawanku bagi. ni yang rasa nak tengok movie, bukan apa macam dah jadi tradisi. kalau nak exam kena tengok movie. haha..

lepas exam, kalau orang lain balik, aku pulak kena stay kat sini. aku ada latihan kawad secara intensif dan aku akan ke uitm shah Alam sebagai wakil UMT dan wakil negeri terengganu. pertandingan dan pentauliahan leftenen muda pertahanan Awam. hope kami semua dapat menang di sana dan membawa balik paku dibahu dengan megah. can't wait!!

sebab pentauliahan ini, banyak ertinya pada aku. kalau boleh aku harap mama dan abah dapat pergi ke pentauliahan itu. tengok aku ambil pangkat. surat jemputan pun ada untuk mama dan abah. at least i have achieve something in my life. sesuatu yang tak semua orang ada. what we call, niche area of me.. i can cook.. and i can kawad!!
nak sambung study, tauliah-tauliah jugak tapi exam still on!! i am preparing mentally and physically for FYP. haha..


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

rumahku syurgaku!!

salam semua.
sekrang ni aku sedang berada di rumah. well macam mane nak cakap ek? seronok jugak. kalo kat kampus, asyik online 24 hours. sekarang kat umah.. takde la selalu online.. banyak mende yang nak dibuat.. tambah2 kan dah nak raye. esok raye dah.. huhu
ketupat.. pasni nak keluar kuantan..nak cari bahan2 untuk raye.. ketupat is on da way..huhu.. malam ni macam biase la.. nak kemas umah.. nak touch up.. nak pakai bedak sejuk.. biar esok berseri2 sket.. hikhik hik...

malam nanti tgk la.. nak online ke tak..? nak siapkan keje sket.. hopefully.. study? final exam..? oh my prada.. hahha..
malam ni nak masak ape ek? abah kate nak beli ikan merah tadi..
nak buat sweet sour.. ke tiga rasa ke.. abah.. abah.. huhu.. tapi aku suke..
nak cari udang.. sotong.. haha...
yummy.. ni yang suke balik umah ni.. makanan mesti sedap2... i like!!

ok.. nak bersiap2 keluar ni.. nanti kita bisa bicara lagi..
ok salam..
dan selamat hari raya aidiladha..

Thursday, November 11, 2010

exam and library..

final exam dah datang.. jadi seperti biasalah.. bilik perbincangan, bilik karel dan kerusi-kerusi di library akan dipenuhi oleh pelajar.. huhu...
agenda hari ni: 11 nov 2010..
aku ke library lantaran tak dapat study di bilik.. sebab aku baru jek dapat 2 gB dari rumateku...
nanti buku tah ke mana.. main games jek kejenye.. huhu

yang seronoknye duk kat library nih ialah.. dapat mencuci mate.. ehem.. tak elok dipraktikkan time exam cam ni. nanti tak fokus.. tu la.. konon nak study.. tapi tetibe mamat yang duduk kat belakang aku tuh.. wahaha.. hensem... terus fokus aku dah lari 100%..
ni semua mie punye keje la...
ajak aku memiangkan diri..

iman tak kuat ni.. teruk tol la...
takpe la.. len kali akan ku kawal mate ini.. huu... tanamkan tekad .. terus bersemangat..
moral of the story.. jagalah pandangan mata anda...

kata-kata motivasi untuk hari ni:
we have suffer for the past few semester, why not we bear for remaining semester?

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

esok paper ke tiga final..

merujuk kepada tajuk di atas.. esok adalah paper ketiga final exam untuk sem 5 sesi julai 2010/2011. nasib baik paper esok soalannya objektif.. jadi.. bolehlah aku turun kawad malam ni.. huhu
kan sekarang tgh mood nak bersukan.. jadi aku tanpa rase bersalah nak turun kawad malam ni... tak kisah la. ape nak jadi.. jadi la.. janji aku dapat bersukan.. dua hari lepas aku dah round trek.. ade a lima kali aku round trek tu.. huhu.. rupenye aku still fit.. uhuhu..
ingat 1 round dah pancit.. huhu.. ni berkat gi masuk kem..
hujung tahun ni.. aktiviti aku penuh.. nak wat camne.. aku sibuk dengan sispa.. bile lagi nak aktifkan diri kan?
sekurang2nye takde la aku melongo duk dalam bilik tak tahu nak buat ape.. besides boleh la singkirkan lemak2 degil kat perut ni kan.. hhuhu
okey la.. esok nak exam.. so fokus study.. malam ni nak turun kawad lak...

kata-kata motivasi untuk hari ni..

" to set my own self at a very cozy and comfortable place, I have to struggle until the end of my life, because i'm not a fairy tale princess who wait her prince to bring her to that place."