Saturday, November 27, 2010

body status? let's calculate it...

Nutrition again.. are you normal, underweight or obese? so let's calculate it to make sure ur body status.
first, important things that we need to measure is height and weight.
for example:
gender: women
age: 21 years old
height: 150 cm
weight: 44 kg

1) calculate the Body mass Index (BMI). this important to make sure our body status.

BMI= weight (kg)/ (height x height)( m2)
= 44/(1.5x 1.5)
=19.56 kg/m2

or we can calculated it by using another formula.
but before that,we have to convert the unit of the weight from kg to pound and height from cm to inch.
1"= 2.54 cm
150cm/ 2.54cm=59.06"

1lbs= 0.45kg

then by using this formula,

BMI=weight (lbs)/( height x height) (inch2) x 703
=97.76/(59.06 x 59.06) x 703
=19.70 lbs/inch2

it would be precise, because in human subject it is really hard to find the precise answer. but the value is not much differ than one another.

a normal BMI status should be around 18.5to 24.5 kg/m2. so 19.5 is in the range of the 18 to 25, so she is normal.

2) calculating her energy need in kilocalories (kcal).

* calculating her basal metabolic rate(BMR)
BMR= weight (kg) x24 kcal/kg/hrs
=44 x 24
=1056 kcal/day

* calculating her physical activity. energy need to make physical activity. because she has sedentary life style, we assumed her physical activity percentage around 35%. this may changes
PA= % PA x BMR
=35% x 1056
=369.6 kcal/day

* then we calculate the thermic effect of food
TEF= (BMR+PA) x 10%
= (1056+369.9) x 10
=142.59 kcal/day

* then we have to calculate the total energy estimated for one day.
=1568.49 kcal/day

if ur status is underweight, add 500 kcal. and if your status is overweight, substract 500kcal from ur total energy..

from this total energy estimated, we can developed the menu with more balance in distribution of macronutrient. this is the basic thing in planning a well balance menu.

instead using this formula, we can use other formula such as estimated energy requirement formula and also haris-benedict formula.

so, calculate ur body status right now.

other than that, u can always calculate the ideal body weight by using this formula.
devine formula:
men: ideal body weight (kg)= 50 + 2.3 kg per inch over 5 feet
women: ideal body weight (kg)= 45.5+2.3 kg per inch over 5 feet.

which mean, if you and male, and have height about 5 feet 6 inch. your ideal body weight is
ideal body weight= 50+ (6 x 2.3)
=63.8 kg

also there are survival body weight which means the minimum body weight that you can have.
for eg:
body weight X 0.48
= 45x 0.48
=21.6 kg.

so, calculate your body status and take action if it not normal. let's have a healthy lifestyle because medicine is not the only way to cure illness. let's have food therapy. control ur food intake and u'll happy and healthy.

note: if there are any mistake, i apologize first ok..... huhu.. remind me if i do mistakes. sharing is caring.. hehe


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