Monday, November 29, 2010

end of semester.

Just finish my final paper nutrition. now i think i should proceed about my final year project. i'm so into it. microbiological studies on food. specifically on sandwich. sound boring for certain people but for me interesting topic. finding a journal about it seem to be quite challenging. well, i have to say it, it quite make me tense but it's just the beginning. welcome to the FYP world. be well prepared or you're done with it.

last night, i got an invitation letter for this JPAM ceremony at UiTM Shah Alam. well, it quite exciting. so, i'm looking forward for this ceremony. can't wait 16 december... okay forget about ceremony and FYP.

i am into the gossip girl. crazy about that tv series . basicly it's all about freindship and gossip. it's a manhattan elite lifestyle. i do love this gossip girl.. so xoxo gossip girl. haha

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