Friday, November 26, 2010

obesity and underweight.. part 2

hormonal influence also effect the desire to eat. Leptin, ( which is one of a hormone that is not include in the pepser) is made by the fats cells that suppresses appetite and signal to stop eating when the fats stored are full.

increase with larger fat mass and this means it will decrease desire to eat. decrease with the lower fat mass this means it will enhances the desire to eat. common obese people having leptin resistance which it means their brain does not register satiety and they keep eating and eating. low leptin and insulin level in the brain during weight loss stimulate eating and suppress energy expenditure. increase of the adipose tissue in the body, increase the weight due to the fat store in the body. this is crucial function of the leptin to send signal to stop eating. leptin also have crucial function which is to decrease the activity of the neuropeptide Y.

Neuropeptide Y can increase the food intake to the body and reduces the energy expenditure, and this will result in obesity. if we had the leptin deficiency, the hormone could not regulate the metabolism to stop eating, and we still eat and result in the overweight.

one of the hormonal that control the intake of the food through the body is the ghrelin. Ghrelin is the hormone that produced in the stomach. this hormone are high when hungy and low after taking meals. usually dieter who loss weight produce ghrelin more than they should and this make they eat more. this hormone already altered. this make their body hard to maintain weight due to the body tried to regain the loss fats.

endorphins is one of the hormone, which is natural body tranquilizer that can prompt you to eat. ( eat as you want). high amount of endorphins in the body, can't stop eating.

CCK, ( cholecystokinin)along the gastroinstestinal distention, decrease hunger and desire to eat. and lastly serotonin. when CHO was taken into the body, serotonin was send to the brain. the neurotransmitter release as the result the CHo was taken into the body. high level of the serotonin, decrease the desire to eat CHO and induce the calmness. stop to eat CHo and desire to eat protein.

CHO, protein and fats present, register satiety in the brain. apolipoprotein signal satiety in the brain. absence of these nutrients will signal hunger.

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