Thursday, December 2, 2010

+ rules of being BFF +

while writing this, i was influenced by gossip girl. peace? err maybe not

+F.R.I.E.N.D.S +

What's actually those alphabet meaning? Combination of several alphabet formed one word that give huge meaning to us.

Have you heard BFF? Best Friend forever? we always said that .. BFF.. but the rules of being BFF is more than what's your say. it's follow with a heart and promises..

here are the rule

1. don't talk back of your friends no matter how bad they are.
2. if you do have problem with her/ his attitude, just say so but do that with some manner
3. what she/ he had tell you something , please keep it in secret. nobody should know about it.
4. when you and your BFF have catfight, please don't lets the secret revealed. you'll regret after the fight over.
5. heart to heart talk should be keep in secret, and please don't announce it to somebody that he/ she had crush.. it is irritating if you did talk to other about her/ his feeling towards that crush.
6. spend your time together but do not let his / her overshadow yourself.
7. stay with his/ her, when he/she have in trouble.
8. stay connected, no matter how busy you are. even a phone call would make it better.
9. do not fight for one boy/ girl. you'll look desperate.
10. you should support each other. maybe she/ he has the different taste in certain things. don't force his/ her to follow what you want. let's them decide with way and you'll see how this will make your life more colorful.
11. if she/ he had Bf/ Gf, please accept them. make them one of your friend but don't flirt with them. okay.
12. throw away negative thought about your friend. trust them.

BFF is more about spending the time together, keep the secret and get trusted. you'll stay with them in the happy or sad moments in their life. i already have.. for my BFF.. lets stay connected even though i always busy.. hehe..

credit for ain ,naj and pipah. thanx for being my BFF..
x0x0.. gossip girl.. haha

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